Shrek The Musical.

Shrek is an amazing movie, featuring an ogre as a hero but once it gets turned into a musical you know something’s wrong. Shrek The Musical performed by our local high school, tells the story of both Fiona, a princess that was locked in a tower at seven, and Shrek, an ogre who was forced to leave home at seven both go on a remarkable journey to find their destiny and break curses. Overall, the production had ups and downs. Im going to cover it all. From comparing it to other productions in the past to the acting, singing, performance, costumes, props, sound, and lighting, to the times it was boring and predictable. Im going to cover it all.

 Shrek The Musical is a very magical play but compared to other plays i’ve been to it was a little boring. Since it was originally a movie almost everyone knows the plot. It was a little rushed and hard to follow and it wasn’t better with the music. If I got to choose I probably wouldn’t see this play again and because it was packed and I was in the back at a very uncomfortable angle making the musical HARDER TO FOLLOW. All I ask is to be considerate of the people that can’t see because there in the VERY BACK.

Though the plot may have been predictable the acting was fine. It wasn’t a bunch of bored high school students saying lines it was people trying to be a specific character and they did a great job of that everyone was trying there best to make the production magical and Shrek’s and Farquaad’s accents were pretty good. Also the costumes made the story way less boring from Shrek all the way to the madhatter the costumes were amazing each and every colourful one caught my eye and I was amazed. Then there was the singing most of the time the singing was beautiful and fluent then there was other times that I had no clue what the characters were singing and they were scratchy. Overall on the performance side it was fine but it had its flaws.

 The props, sound and lighting were all pretty good but some parts looked cheap compared to years before but due to the budget I understand. The props were pretty unique but a lot of them like gingy who was strapped onto one of the girls arms and you could tell she was the one speaking were cheap, but it was very creative that farquaad was on his knees but for the scenes the transition was smooth except for the time once they were going over a bridge of lava. overall my favourite prop was the dragon it was very creative but an arm fell of and you could hear the people behind the stage talking about it. For the sound and lighting sometimes it looked cheap like when Fiona was finding her true form it wasn’t as beautiful looking like the transformation of The Beast in The Beauty and The Beast production it was just a light, and as for the sound it was up and down and you couldn’t hear many of the characters.

The overall production surprised me it wasn’t as bad as I expected it would be. It was different in a sort of good way and the actors did an amazing job especially Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Farquaad. Even though some jokes appealed to adults and some to kids it was a truly thoughtful performance, though I was half and half about the whole thing they even got the audience to join in by clapping.

 Although I had mixed feelings, most of its flaws were technical and could easily be fixed. The play was somewhat boring but it got vibrant by the costumes and the attitudes of the actors it was a play I would recommend watching if you like mystical adventures with some minor flaws overall I would give this play a three point five out of five.



This week are student teacher gave us the challenge of doing a Random Act of Kindness for GPV.

I haven’t done anything recently but id decided to tell you about my random act of kindness that i’m doing in the future.  The canadian olympian Clara Hughes is doing a bike ride across canada and stopping in my town. And a children’s organization is funding a spaghetti dinner in her presence so what I decided to do is volunteer to serve this spaghetti dinner to everyone that comes. My scout group has volunteered to do this because this childrens organization helped fund us to go to a world scout camp in switzerland.   The reason that this is an random act of kindness is because I have a choice if I wanted to do it or not and I chose to.


Thanks and if you’re doing a random act of kindness make sure to #RAK4GPV.claras big ride


Changing it up.

So i’ve decided to change it up. instead of doing Goddess of the week i’m going to do character. Character as in a person from a book a show and character can also mean a mythical creature as long as its from a show or book so goddess can count (percy jackson). if you have any suggestions on what I should do feel free to comment.



I Drew Some Anime!!

Hey guys I got new news. I drew Anime!!

I couldn’t decide if it was Manga or Anime but this is the Character Kirito from Sword Art Online. I haven’t started to watch the show yet but I hear its great and cant wait to get watching. The only thing I really know is that Kirito and Asuna are the main characters and there in a video game or something that is pretty deadly so if you guys want to tell me about it I would be happy to hear. Also I kind of messed up on the chin but anyway enjoy.



Natural Phenomenon. The Polar Vortex.

My experiences with natural phenomena. I live in a part in Canada, where there are rarely ever storms are biggest one would be a hail storm once I was about seven, so not much ever happens here. The only exciting weather we see is on the television like the tsunami in the Philippines and other storms in other places. Not that I want there to be natural disasters where I live I just wish there was a little more excitement with the weather.

But lately our weather has spiked and its way colder where I live most of the time its just muddy and cold an the weather is awful but lately none can go outside where stuck in school and its FREEZING. I’ve never really witnessed this much snow but my mm says that once she was a kid there was way more and the radio wonders if we are getting soft here letting kids stay home on snow days.

There calling it the Polar Vortex it was cold for a short while kids didn’t go to school and now there claiming its come back and is going to a high of -30C. Lets hope I survive this.


It’s A New Year!

I can’t believe it’s a new year already, I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep the goddess of the week during the holidays but I will start up on that again soon, thank you so much to all the people that have been looking at my blog and commenting and I hope you keep following me this year and one of my goals is to make more interesting posts for you to read and hopefully comment on. Another goal is to get more people from all over the world on my blog so thanks for following. Merry Belated Christmas!



My Year In Review Video!


What are the three most life changing events?

I think the three most life changing events were…

1. Typhoon Haiyan In the Philippines that spread across six islands and over 2,300 people drowned.

2. New Pope Francis who became Pope after Pope Benedict resigned, Pope Francis is taking a new style with a wooden cross and white clothes.

3. Nelson Mandela Dies, Nelson Mandela this December died leaving South Africa in sadness he helped a nation by standing up for black Africans rights, was put in jail for life, but got out after twenty seven years, and he was later elected as the first black African President.

What was the most important event of this year, 2013?

I think the most important event of this year would be The birth of Prince George because… It brought so much joy to people and there were so many events this year that took people’s life but the birth of William and Kate’s baby made people crazy happy and the birth was a new life to the so many lost.

Goddess Of The Week!

This week I decided to do Khione Daughter of Boreas.


She is a nymph or minor Goddess of snow.

Boreas is the God of the north winds.

She also has siblings, two brothers named  Zetes, Calaides and a sister Cleopatra 

She features in a book “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan.

Goddess Of The Week!!!!! Third Goddess so Far!!!!


This week I have decided to do the Goddess Eirene She is the Goddess of Peace and is the daughter of Poseidon and they say she might be the daughter of Zeus and Themis. She is well known in the town of Athens after their victory against Sparta they made altars for her and worshiped her for bringing peace to their land. I chose this Goddess because there is not much peace on this earth people have rivals and counries have rivals.

Goddess Of The Week!

The goddess of the week is Hecate she is the Greek goddess of with crossroads, entranceways, fire, light, the Moonmagicwitchcraft

Hecate herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery she is an ancient goddess and has rulership over the earth, sea and sky and is more well known as the savior, Mother of angels and the cosmic world soul.  I chose Hecate because she seemed like a very interesting goddess that doesn’t seem to get much  attention after the 12 high gods and goddess