Pre Party Plans!


nce upon a time, there was Katherine, Margaret and I. Katherine was the type of person who had plenty of ideas

just going through her head, she was very persuading, charming and of course she was a princess with no freedom. It wasn’t like she didn’t have friends.

She had Margaret and I, Margaret’s mother was a maid at her home and her father worked in the stables tending to the horses and for me well any parents were close friends with Katherine’s parents. We would often spend time together as our parents would catch up on the latest gossip.


Today just happened to be Katherine’s birthday, our parents were planning her party and Katherine was being so picky that even Margaret’s Mom was worried about it.

“The only reason I’m being picky is to distract all the parents so we can sneak out to the den with the “dragon” in it think of the fun we’ll have!”  said Katherine with her “sweet” and persuading accent.

“I don’t think that’s a very smart idea and I don’t really want to die before your birthday?”  explained Margaret rambling on about all the possible things that could happen.  Meanwhile Katherine was already packing a bag to leave her house.

“What do you want to do?” said Katherine staring directly at me

“Well I don’t know, it’s just a myth isn’t it and I don’t see what could really happen other than what Margaret was saying and it is your birthday and well I don’t know, I guess it depends on if Margaret will go or not.”  I said this in a very confused way really unsure I had never really explored our world well none of us had.


Katherine and I were now staring at Margaret she has a worried but excited look “fine I’ll go”.  Katherine and I both smiling handed Margaret a pack we had made for her while she was deciding both knowing she would come.

“ Well off we go then!”  I said in a kind of worried tone.  Before we left for this Adventure Margaret made sure she made a schedule for us to follow so we would be back in time to get ready for Katherine’s party.  This year Katherine was turning fourteen and her mother insisted on a grand party that Katherine and her father cared less about having, and as guests of honour if we weren’t there her mother would kill us.


It took a while but we managed to sneak out of Katherine’s house (through the window) and get passed the first few blocks when we decided to race to the den.  Once we got there we were fighting over who was going first. Margaret called aces out being the most scared and made Katherine and I pick a number between one and ten.  I picked seven and Katherine picked two and of course she was right knowing Margaret’s favourite number.  I felt stupid and afraid at the same.


I was a clumsy person and I stupidly tripped over a rock walking into the dragons den getting myself covered in dirt knowing my parents would kill me for getting dirty before the party. The cave was damp, dirty, gross and all of us fell at least once walking through.

We had walked for about twenty minutes when I noticed a giant rock thing at the other end of the cave. “What’s that over there?”  Katherine started walking over to it when Margaret noticed a slight move in AND THEN IT’S… eye opened  the eye of the dragon the myth that no one ever thought existed. Margaret screamed at the top of her lungs which woke the dragon even more, Katherine was already halfway out the door as I was pulling Margaret who was frozen in fear.  The dragon chased us halfway home and Margaret made the most unimaginable comment


“What ever happened to the knight?” Margaret screamed as we were running.

“What?” I screamed back. I had no idea what she was talking about .

“ You know the knight or prince that slays the dragon.” By this time we had caught up with Katherine who had clued in on the conversation

“ Well I’ve never had a prince save me!”

“Well you’ve never been in this trouble before!” I added

“Well that’s true.” she exclaimed. By this time we had made it to Katherines window we had created a plan earlier taking rope we had and hung it out the window for an unseen entrance.

We climb up it hoping no one would notice us once we got into Katherines bedroom Margaret immediately checked her schedule hoping we weren’t late. We were pretty early but still dirty messes we unpacked our bags… AND THEN IT HAPPENED… the most horrible thing that could EVER happen to anyone… our mothers walked in and they knew EVERYTHING. (I think the rope out the window gave them the clue and I don’t think I’ll see Katherine for a long while. And still can’t believe no one saw a dragon chasing three girls down the street!)

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